Signature Natural Cakes

  • Organic Chocolate Torte (Dense and brownie like with natural Rapadurra sugar and 70%  dark chocolate couverture )
  • Chocolate Courgette Cake (Moist like a carrot cake, the courgette disappears and this is spongey, moist and chocolaty!)
  • Wholesome Chocolate Maple Syrup Cake (With organic maple syrup and unsweetened coco powder)
  • Madagascan Naked Vanilla (Classic like a victoria sponge made with organic butter, eggs and Madagascan vanilla agave sugar syrup)
  • Orange and Almond Cake (Very moist and almost like a pudding!) This is naturally gluten and lactose free.
  • Warmly Spiced Carrot Cake (Moist with date syrup, cinnamon and ginger) This is naturally lactose free. Can be made with low gluten spelt flour.
  • Lavender and Lemon Cake (Sweetened with natural wild flower Cornish honey)

Between the layers

  • Madagascan vanilla whipped buttercream
  • White or dark chocolate couverture gnache
  • White or dark chocolate couverture whipped buttercream
  • Maple whipped buttercream
  • Wild flower natural Cornish honey, or  jam
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